San Antonio Roofing Tips: How to Clean the Roof

Asphalt shingle roofs require periodic care, which may involve cleaning from time to time. Since this kind of roof maintenance is in high demand, many San Antonio roofing pros have started to offer it. It is gradually establishing a market presence, and various possibilities in this field are emerging as it grows in popularity.

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It takes talent to use a power washer on a roof without damaging it. Next is professional knowledge and skills. Thousands of dollars may be wasted if a San Antonio roofing contractor doesn’t understand roof cleaning.

Applying little pressure will protect the shingles and underlayment. Before starting the project, assess the roof. Most roof-cleaning pressure washers are 4 GPM, while others are 10 GPM. When to utilize what matters. Depends on circumstances and technician assessment.

San Antonio roofing tips: cleaning with high pressure water. A problem with moss and lichen.

Got Algae?

Roofs made of asphalt shingles often have blue-green algae growing on them. The wind carries it and it attaches to any roofing material. It’s a silent killer that homeowners don’t detect until it’s done significant damage and ruined vast areas of the roof. This kind of algae looks like brown or black streaks, so it’s sometimes mistaken for dirt. In windy, humid areas, it multiplies quickly.

Roof washing removes these harmful and unsightly stains. Some San Antonio roofers apply a fungicide. Professional roofers caution against using high pressure to clean roofs. Some contractors use 600 PSI, which damages the shingles’ protecting granules. To remove blue-green algae and stains, use the lowest PSI and gentlest chemicals.

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