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Series 300 Horizontal Slider

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Horizontal sliding windows provide for scenic viewing with the added advantage of comforting ventilation. The Series 300 Horizontal Slider combines meticulous craftsmanship with the strength and rigidity of aluminum alloy construction to deliver exceptional value and lasting durability. Atriums warm edge insulated glass system and full surround weather-strip combine with optional low-e glass coatings to deliver valuable year-round energy savings.


  • Aluminum frame and sash components are precision cut and assembled to make joints weather-tight
  • Sashes interlock for added strength and security
  • Positive sash lock provides security and helps keep the frame and sash weather-tight
  • Warm-Edge insulated glass reduces condensation and improves thermal efficiency
  • Half Screen
  • DP Rating 15 (window size tested 72 x 72 )
Rooftop Roofing and Remodeling, LLC Images
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