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The Breeze Mate solar ventilation system is the ultimate control solution for your ventilation applications offering a range of both operational and safety related features. With the ability to independently adjust both temperature and humidity control ranges, Breeze Mate allows for customized ventilation control specific to the needs of your application. Best of all, our proprietary control system design gives users full control over fan operation, as well as attic depressurization testing assuring that your solar attic fan system is properly installed.
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Breeze Mate was specifically designed for easy installation using our wireless network technology and a two-part plug-and-play control system configuration. The Breeze Mate system consists of a master controller (MC-10A Remote Interface Controller) which is designed to operate inside your home, and individual fan control units (FC-10A Fan Controllers) mounted inside your attic, warehouse, or barn near the solar fan. This configuration also allows for easy expansion with installation of additional Attic Breeze fans only requiring an extra FC-10A fan controller for operation on the existing Breeze Mate wireless network.
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Breeze Mate was developed by Attic Breeze engineers as a best in class ventilation control solution using the most sophisticated instrumentation available to handle extreme temperature and humidity conditions. Unlike other ventilation controllers, Breeze Mate features our patent pending pressure sensing technology, sensitive enough to detect the smallest micro-fluctuations in the barometric pressure inside your attic. This technology not only prevents the possibility of attic depressurization, it also confirms that your Attic Breeze solar attic fan was installed properly for optimum ventilation performance. The Breeze Mate solar ventilation system works with all Attic Breeze solar attic fan models and is offered with a two year product warranty. Whether used for residential or commercial applications, there is a Breeze Mate control solution for all of your ventilation needs.

Which Model Is Right For Me?

We've made selecting the right Breeze Mate controller for your project easy. If you only have one Attic Breeze fan installed, you will need either the Breeze Mate CS-10A or CS-10D model controller depending on your fan model. The CS-10A controllers are designed for solar attic fans with a unit mounted solar panel, where as the CS-10D controllers are designed for solar attic fans featuring a remote mounted solar panel. For each additional solar attic fan installed, you will need either the CS-11A or CS-11D model controller. Again, the choice of each additional fan controller will depend on your fan model as shown in the table above. And if you need assistance, Attic Breeze customer support is always ready to help.
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