Roofing in San Antonio; Asbestos Shingle Removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral group with fine, fibrous crystals. When it came to roofing in the twentieth century, asbestos roofing shingles were the chosen material in San Antonio. This was owing to the physical properties of such roof shingles, which had great durability, were less expensive, and were considerably lighter than slate. Furthermore, asbestos roof shingles provided excellent fire protection and heat insulation.

Asbestos roof shingles also had a life lifetime of 50 to 60 years, in addition to being less bulky than siding panels, which were up to eight times thicker. Unfortunately, as the roof shingles weathered, their water-resistance decreased, making moss development fairly prevalent. Furthermore, once such shingles began to absorb water, they became exceedingly brittle and broke up throughout the winter.

Asbestos Roof Shingles’ Difficulties

Asbestos roof shingle removal is a costly and delicate operation, especially if the shingles are damaged or worn. The formerly strong shingles can be readily broken by hand under such damaged and worn circumstances. Hiring an expert San Antonio roofer to carefully handle the fragile material would be required. A professional roofing contractor with this level of competence would be capable of handling and supervising the removal of potentially hazardous asbestos material.

Remember that even if your roof tiles are in good condition, you still use caution. Screws should be removed rather than unscrewed. This is due to the fact that unscrewing fasteners from already-brittle tiles release asbestos dust into the air, putting you vulnerable to breathing the deadly asbestos particles.

A homeowner must never choose a roof repair contractor that is inadequately suited for the job and has no expertise working with asbestos. It is undeniably difficult work, and only an experienced contractor can complete it effectively.

Safe asbestos roof removal will also entail adequate asbestos fiber disposal. Furthermore, any bits that fall off during the process must be treated with care. Anyone trying to carry out such a removal job must have the appropriate skills and understanding on how to eliminate the danger of exposure; alternatively, both the homeowner and the employees are at risk of breathing hazardous asbestos dust. Always choose a qualified San Antonio roofing contractor.

Currently, there is a broad knowledge of the significant health hazards connected with asbestos fiber inhalation. You are at risk of developing asbestosis and mesothelioma (a form of cancer). What makes it much more difficult is that such health problems might take decades to develop. As a result, a rise in the number of instances of asbestos exposure is predicted far into the twenty-first century. You must avoid all contact with this hazardous chemical, even if you do not immediately detect its negative consequences.

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