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Roof Repair: Finding Leaks in Your Roofing In San Antonio and Selma

A leaking roof is one of the more stressful and frustrating things that a homeowner will encounter, especially if they do not have a top-rated roofer in San Antonio and Selma repair it quickly. I mean, the whole point of your roof is to keep the weather out, right? There are a number of conditions that can produce a roof leak, but the essential task is to find the point of entry and end it ASAP. One of the most beneficial moves that a homeowner can make to halt a leak is to be proactive and apply preventative maintenance.

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Watch For the Clues

  • Missing shingles are a red flag that your roof could be allowing moisture through and it needs professional attention, so keep your eye out for any scattered about yard and on top of your roof.
  • Examine your attic for any evidence of water getting through the layers of your roofing materials.
  • Any water dripping from your ceilings is another red flag that your roof is leaking and requires immediate attention. Selma and San Antonio roofing contractors suggest that you periodically check your ceilings. Water stains and cracked paint are indications that you have a leak that is most likely associated with roof damage.
  • Another area to inspect around is your windows. Deterioration from the weather can allow moisture inside of your home, especially if your windows are older or were installed improperly. If your home has skylights installed, be sure you also regularly check around these units too, as they are another area that is vulnerable to water penetration from poor installation methods and older units.

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March 12, 2020
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