Tips For Cleaning Your San Antonio Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofs need routine maintenance and from time to time that may include cleaning them. Many roofers in San Antonio have begun to enter this line of the roofing maintenance business as these services are in great demand. Gradually, it is finding a place for itself in the market and many opportunities in this area are opening up as it becomes more popular

The dilemma and resolution are not too challenging provided the homeowner understands from the beginning what the dynamics are of asphalt shingle roofs, meaning how they are established, what the difficulties are correlating to the kinds of blemishes that need consideration. It takes a lot of skill to operate a power washer on top of a roof and not just anyone can do it without causing me damage. The next measure is knowledge and skill managing to professional expertise.

If the roofing contractor in San Antonio does not understand the fundamentals of roof installation then thousands of dollars may be squandered in roof repair bills. The pressure applied must be very light so that the shingles are not harmed or the underlayment beneath. Before beginning the project, the roof must be thoroughly inspected and examined. Most of the pressure washing units used for cleaning a roof use a 4 GPM and some go up to 10 GPM. One needs to know when to use what. It relies on particular conditions and the judgment of the roofer.

The most common condition of the roof is the formation of blue-green algae. It is carried through the air by the wind and will attach to any type of roofing material. It is a soundless killer and usually avoids the random notice of the homeowner until it has already done considerable damage and large sections of the roof have been affected. This type of algae initially resembles dark brown or black streaks so it is often thought to be dirt. It multiplies rapidly in breezy humid climates.

The method for roof cleaning is very effective at getting rid of these dangerous ugly stains. Some San Antonio roofing contractors use a cleaning agent that immediately kills the fungus. All professional roofers warn that high pressure should never be used under any circumstances during roof cleaning. Some contractors use pressure ranging up to 600 PSI which is going to damage the protective granules on the outside of the shingles. The general rule is to use the least amount of PSI and the softest chemical agents to get the desired result of eliminating the blue-green algae and stains.

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