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Has your roof been damaged by any of the storms we have had this spring? Now is the time of year that our part of the country is prone to receive severe thunderstorms, heavy wind, and those dreaded hailstones that can cause so much damage. The best protection for the safety of your entire home is to have a top-rated local Live Oak roofing contractor inspect it for storm damage any time a severe storm damages your neighborhood.

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Hail damage is not always as easy to see like other types of roofing damage like missing or ripped shingles. Sometimes it is the small things that can have the biggest impact on your home. Moisture can be very tricky when it comes to finding its way into your home, making its way through the tiniest of holes. More so, when it is in a water prone area such as roof valleys or where flashing is used such as chimneys and air conditioning units.

If your roof is not leaking now that does not mean it will not later. Do not take any risks, it is not with it. Not every roofer in Live Oak offers free roof inspections or has the extensive knowledge and credentials that we do at Rooftop Roofing. Our no-obligation roof inspections and estimates are FREE and we have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies to help get you the most from your deductible premium.

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You can trust our dedicated team of experts to handle all of your storm damage roofing needs. When you need fast, high-quality roof repairs in Live Oak, our crew will be there and we stand behind all of our work. First-Class customer service and craftsmanship are what you will get when you hire our company.